In the absence of Storge.

Two months have passed since I have talked about love . Now I realize that I can’t be insensitive to these love stories facing a big part of my friends. We all know that love is fragile and sometimes we do not know how to take care of it … and it leaves us.

I have this good friend and in recent days tells me that she  falls into the category of those who are newly in love! It is a beautiful romance beginning, but both are so young and so ignorant regarding love.

Most times I am faced with failures in love that have people around me.

Most of them believe that they have lost their soul mate, without believing that  not even met the happiness  in their lives!

The Bible tells us about love, suggest to leave it free, advises to not put barriers in front of love, but in everyday life we face major problems because we are not able to love the right person.

We live love stories that turn against us, stories from which we expect to take us towards harmony, but that will not ever happen because there IS NOT chemistry between partners. And in this way we are deceiving ourselves even years in a row.

Those who are careful and change something in their lives ( in good time) they are likely to attract the right partner. And with it he will discover a  healthy  life couple ( wishing it together).

I met in my life enough happy couples that I can count on the fingers of one hand, for example parents of my school or work colleagues. So really WE can live well together,  and we can talk about great marriages. These people have resisted  more than twenty years together and they are still happy. Good luck to all that is looking for the right person. No matter how difficult the journey will be, becouse in the end matter that when you get to the destination to be satisfied with what you have achieved ( and don’t you forget about the feed-back!) .

I found the next track on The Last Song, beautiful movie recommended by Cristina. Enjoy it!


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